Leading begins in the body.

Authentic and successfull...

...through priciples of the martial art Aikido.

Leadership seminars and stress reduction training through principles of the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

Be centered
Build foundations, improve resilience, develop integrity.

Establish and lead teams, sharpen intuition, transform conflicts.

Identify aims, develop motivation, improve efficiency.

Customer testimonials:

„The exceptional content of Sonjas training played an integral part in reaching the aim of our entire seminar. Her charismatic presentation enhanced the impact and opened the participants´ willingness to open up to leadership issues and reflect on themselves. Thank you very much for this great experience.“

Markus Büsgen, Manager Customer Journey & Retention
Customer Experience & Network Quality, Toyota Germany

„This seminar provided a physical experience of things which other seminars often only made available on a cognitive level. It is truly enriching, not merely for work situations but – through realising our own general patterns of behaviour – also for life in general. Sonja´s teaching style is very clear, her explanations and actions are always coherent, the chosen exercises invariably powerful and significant, embodying the three principles of harmony, power and direction. Thank you!“

Britta Kleiber, Trainer

“The seminar provided hands-on leadership and stress-resilience training in a clear and compact form. It provided direct benefit for human resources development and operational health management.“

Dr. Thomas Taplik, M.san., Occupational Medicine Rheinbahn AG