Embodied leadership training

Leading holistically in strength and harmony with
yourself and others

For centuries Asian martial arts have symbolized skills such as concentration, mental and physical strength, adaptability and self-discipline. They illustrate the close connection between physical practice and mental training of the self. The latter is key to how we interact with others – not just inside the martial arts. As Aldous Huxley rightly said: “The only thing which we can truly change in this universe is ourselves.”

“The seminar provided hands-on leadership and stress-resilience training in a clear and compact form. It provided direct benefit for human resources development and operational health management."
(Dr. Thomas Taplik, M.san., Teamleader Occupational Medicine thyssenkrupp SE AG, Duisburg)


Aikido can help executive personnel to strengthen their integrity and resilience. It builds a foundation on which teamwork, communication, goal-oriented action and implementation of necessary change can be built.

Simple physical exercises illustrate the principles of aikido and make them accessible and in effect easy to apply in real life. Through authenticity, humaneness and clarity, the seminar helps participants to:

  • Enhance individual and team performance.
  • Communicate more clearly and more effectively with staff and co-workers.
  • Increase acceptance in a team.
  • Generate a sense of tegetherness in teams and groups.
  • Better recognise and utilise processes, individual needs and social structures.
  • Develop resilience against stress, conflict and pressure.
  • Lead, mobilise and motivate groups.
  • Understand and boost personal presence.

"This seminar provided a physical experience of things which other seminars often only made available on a cognitive level. It is truly enriching, not merely for work situations but - through realising our own general patterns of behaviour - also for life in general. Sonja´s teaching style is very clear, her explanations and actions are always coherent, the chosen exercises invariably powerful and significant, embodying the three principles of harmony, power and direction. Thank you!"
(Britta Kleiber, Trainer)


Most exercises are carried out in pairs or groups, which makes these seminars also very suitable for teambuilding events.
They can be held in German or English language.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to get more information about my leadership seminars or schedule an appoinment for a meeting. I am looking forward to your call or e-mail.